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During the period from the 18th to the 23rd of March, 2019, the Swiss auction house Schuler Auktionen will be offering works of European painters from the XVI-XIX centuries at the upcoming sale.

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Eduard von Grützner. Rauenthaler.
Eduard von Grützner.
“Rauenthaler”, 1875.
Oil on canvas. 62,3*48,4 cm.
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Eduard von Grützner’s (Gross-Karlowitz, 1846 – Munich, 1925) “Rauenthaler” (estimated at €27,270 – 45,450) executed in 1875 is among the top lots at the upcoming auction. The painting depicts the moment of wine tasting by the inhabitant of Rauenthal – a region famous for its wineries.

Note: Signed and dated on the left. Stamp on the reverse side “Wimmer & Co. Fine Arts Munich”.

Provenance: Private collection. Switzerland.

Literature: Balogh, Laszlo. Eduard von Grützner 1846-1925: Ein Münchner Genremaler der Gründerzeit : Monographie und kritisches Verzeichnis seiner Ölgemälde, Ölstudien und Ölskizzen, Nr. 129, m. Abb.

Хендрик ван Сомер. «Саломея с головой Иоанна Крестителя».
Hendrick van Somers.
“Salome with the head of John the Baptist”. Around 1625-30.
Oil on canvas. 126*102,5 cm.
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Hendrick van Somers' (Lockeren, 1607 – Naples, 1655) “Salome with the head of John the Baptist” (estimated at €13,640 – 22,730) stylistically refers to the works of the artist from the period of 1625-30-s. The theme of this painting is an interpretation made by Hendrick van Somer of the works of his contemporaries, such as Jusepe de Ribera (1591-1652) and Matthias Stom (1600-1652). A similar work by Jusepe de Ribera was sold at Sotheby’s, New York, on January 30th, 2019 (lot 57) at 615,000 USD.

Note: Relined. Prof. Riccardo Lattuada took part in the attribution of this painting.

Gaudenzio Ferrari. Maria and Joseph worshiping the Christ child lying in the arms of angels, St. Jerome and a believer behind them.
Gaudenzio Ferrari.
“Maria and Joseph worshiping the Christ child lying in the arms of angels, St. Jerome and a believer behind them”.
Oil on canvas. 89*61 cm.
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Gaudenzio Ferrari's (1477/78, Valduggia–Milan, 1546) “Maria and Joseph worshiping the Christ child lying in the arms of angels, St. Jerome and a believer behind them” (estimated at € 9,090 – 13,640) will be offered at the upcoming sale.

The compostion of this work featuring St. Joseph, St. Maria, the Christ child in the arms of angels resembles the fresco created by Gaudenzio Ferrari in the Church of St. Christopher in Vercelli. More related information availabe in “Il Rinascimento di Gaudenzio Ferrari”, Ausst.-Kat. Mailand, 2018, p. 392, 396, 398-400.

Note: The report on the condition of the painting on request. Prof. Riccardo Lattuada took part in the gathering of information about this painting.


  • Th. Engelmann, Basel.
  • Kunsthaus Pro Arte, Basel. Inheritance of Dr. Theodor Engelmann, collection of E. Paravicini. March 14th-16th 1932, lot 212 (as Dutch school of the XVIth century, formerly thought to relate to the circles of Ferrari).
  • Private collection. Switzerland.
Flanders, XVIII century. A triumphal procession of Bacchus.
Flanders, XVIII century.
“A triumphal procession of Bacchus”.
Oil on canvas. 76*115,5 cm.
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The composition of a remarkable large scale canvas “A triumphal procession of Bacchus” (estimated at € 7,270 – 10,910), Flanders, XVIIth century, features a great variety of characters and numerous details.

Note: Parquetted. Later adjustment.

Giovanni Ghisolfi. The centurion from Capernaum asks Jesus if he can heal his servant.
Giovanni Ghisolfi.
“The centurion from Capernaum asks Jesus if he can heal his servant”.
Oil on canvas. 68,5*52,5 cm.
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Giovanni Ghisolfi's (Milan, 1623 – Rome, 1683) work “The centurion from Capernaum asks Jesus if he can heal his servant” (estimated at €6,360 – 9,090) is based on the miracle described in the Gospels of Matthew 8, 5-13.

Note: Ripped and relined. Prof. Riccardo Lattuada took part in the gathering of information about this painting. For further reference: Busiri Vici, Andrea, Giovanni Ghisolfi (1623-1683), un pittore milanese di rovine romane, Rom, 1992, p. 13, 14, 17-19, 24, 30, 34.

Circle of Jacques de Stella. The Madonna and child and dancing angels.
Circle of Jacques de Stella.
“The Madonna and child and dancing putti”.
Oil on canvas. 38,3*42,8 cm.
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A touching scene “The Madonna and child and dancing putti” (estimated at €5,450 – 7,270) was executed in the times of Jacques de Stella (Lyon, 1596 – Paris, 1657).

Note: Scratches on the frame.


  • Dobiaschofsky, Bern. Auction 68, lot 33. The work was sold as being executed by the follower of Francesco Albani.
  • Private collection. Switzerland.
Wouterus I Verschuur. Departure.
Wouterus I Verschuur.
“Departure”. 1846.
Oil on wooden panel. Signed on the left bottom. 32,5*42,5 cm.
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The Dutch animalist artist Wouterus I Verschuur (Amsterdam, 1812 – Vorden, 1874) paid special attention to depicting animals in his paintings and their interaction with people in the composition, which is expressed in his work “Departure”, 1846 (estimated at €5,450 – 7,270).

Flanders, XVII century. Portrait of a man in hat.
Flanders, XVII century.
“Portrait of a man in hat” (unfinished).
Oil on canvas. 61*50,8 cm.
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An unfinished “Portrait of a man in hat” (estimated at €4'550 – 7'270), Flanders, XVII century, is another important lot at the upcoming sale.

Note: Ripped and relined. Signs of restoration. Edges chopped off.

Franz de Paula Ferg. Travelers in the countryside.
Franz de Paula Ferg.
“Travelers in the countryside”.
Oil on copper. One of the works signed on the bottom left. Around 19,8*26,8 cm.
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Paired paintings “Travelers in the countryside” (estimated at €5,450 – 7,270) by the Austrian landscape and genre art painter Franz de Paula Ferg (Vienna, 1689 – London, 1740) will be offered at the auction.

Edmund Mahlknecht. Herding.
Edmund Mahlknecht.
Oil on canvas. Signed on the bottom left. A mark on the reverse side with no. 86. 36,4*57,6 cm.
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Edmund Mahlknecht (Vienna, 1820 – Vienna, 1903) is famous for his landscape and animalistic works. His “Herding” (estimated at €3,640 – 6,360) depicts a shepherd driving cows.

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