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Artive is non-profit organisation administering digital archive for works of art and cultural property. Artive is The Art Claim database renamed in 2016. As an inclusive database Artive consolidates a great number of various databases all containing claimed, looted, stolen, illicitly transferred and destroyed works of art and cultural property. Artive is set to serve professionals and the general public. It is supplied with the advanced technology of image recognition and over 500 fields of searchable data.

Site: https://artive.org/

Russian Museum

The State Russian Museum is the largest Russian art museum in the world with the collection more than 400 000 artworks. The size of the territory of the museum exceeds 74 acres. The collection is housed in the heritage-listed buildings XVIII–XIX centuries: Michael’s Palace, Stroganov Palace, Marble Palace and St. Michael’s Castle. The Summer Garden with Peter I Summer Palace and Cabin of Peter the Great also make a part of The State Russian Museum. The Museum was open 19 (7) March in 1898. The main part of the collection is housed in the Michael’s Palace in the historic city center in St. Petersburg.

Site: http://rusmuseum.ru/