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Shchedrin, Kotarbinsky, Repin, and Vinogradov at November 2020 auction at Hagelstam & Co.

On November 28th, 2020, the leading Finnish auction house Hagelstam & Co in Helsinki will be hosting winter sales of classical art featuring works by renowned XIXth century Russian artists, including drawings by Ilja Repin, icons, figurines from the Gardner factory, cloisonné enamel, bronze by Vasily Grachev, as well as other works by distinguished Finnish artists.

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Shchedrin, Silvestr Feodosievich
Shchedrin, Silvestr Feodosievich (1791-1830), attributed.
“Italian Fishermen by the Sea”.
Oil, signed “Sil. Shchedrin 1828” in the bottom right. 49*72 cm.
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The top Russian art lot at the upcoming auction will be the landscape painting “Italian Fishermen by the Sea” (estimated at €100,000), attributed to prominent Russian landscape artist from the XIXth century Silvestr Feodosievich Shchedrin. The artist spent the last 15 years of his life in Italy, where he reached the peak of his art and created numerous wonderful landscapes that he painted directly from nature. Living in Rome and Naples, Silvestr Feodosievich had a strong influence through his art on the establishment of the Posillipo landscape art school. The artist’s paintings currently form part of collections in The Russian Museum, The State Tretyakov Gallery, and The State Hermitage Museum.


  • the collection of Simo Savolainen, possibly bought by him in Russia in the 1970s-80s.
Kotarbinsky, Vasily (Wilhelm) Alexandrovich
Kotarbinsky, Vasily (Wilhelm) Alexandrovich (1849-1921).
“The Girl with the Fan”.
Oil, signature. 84*41 cm.
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“The Girl with the Fan” (estimated at €8,000) by Vasily Alexandrovich Kotarbinsky is a full size portrait measuring 84 cm. The Romanticism of the piece is highlighted by the poignancy and naivete of the very young model, whose image is juxtaposed with the blooming roses in the foreground. From 1887, the artist lived in Kiev and worked on painting the murals at Saint Vladimir’s Cathedral. From 1905 onwards, Kotarbinsky became an academic at the Imperial Academy of Arts — his monumental painting «Orgy», executed in the 1890s, is part of the Russian Museum collection.

Julius Sergius von Klever
Julius Sergius von Klever (1850-1924).
“Landscape with the Sunset”.
Oil, signature in the bottom right. 35*53.5 cm
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“Landscape with the Sunset” by Julius von Klever (estimated at € 6,000) is executed in a vivacious manner and stands out due to the softness of the colour contrast - the evening sun seems to illuminate the painting from the inside. Klever was one of the most sought-after landscape artists of pre-revolutionary Russia - among the buyers of his paintings were Emperor Alexander III, the daughter of Emperor Nikolai I, The Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna, famous Russian philanthropist and collector Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov. Klever became an academic of the Imperial Academy of Arts in 1878. Klever's paintings form part of the collections of the largest museums - The State Tretyakov Gallery, The State Hermitage, The Russian Museum.

Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenevich
Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenevich (1869-1938).
“A Peasant”.
Oil, signature. 44*35 cm.
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“A Peasant” by Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenevich (estimated at € 5,000) brings up the theme of social realism actively exemplified by itinerants. Vinogradov was a student of Sorokin, Polenov, Makovsky, and subsequently became an active member of the Academy of Arts. The depiction of peasants comes by reason of the influence of itinerants on Vinogradov's art, who later adopted the style of art of impressionists after his visit to Paris and his meeting with Renouard.

Sychkov, Fedot Vasilievich
Sychkov, Fedot Vasilievich (1870-1958).
Mixed technique, signature in bottom right. 1914.68*55 cm.
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“Girl” (estimated at € 3,000) by Sychkov, Fedot Vasilievich depicts a carefree, happy girl in fancy village attire. As with most works by the artist, it projects a feeling of cheerful, youthful energy and optimism. Fedot Vasilievich especially liked to portray happy villagers spending their time in simple revelry or routine labour on his canvases. In 1908, the artist travelled Western Europe with his wife, painted a lot, and was put on display at a salon in Paris. His works were noted at many international and Russian exhibitions.

Repin Ilja Jefimovich
Repin, Ilja Jefimovich (1844-1930)
Drawing. 28*18 см.
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Repin, Ilja Jefimovich’s art will be presented at the auction - three genre drawings. One of the images shows a comical scene in a living-room (estimated at € 3,000).

Tray, cloisonné enamel, Klingert Gustav Gustavovich
Tray, cloisonné enamel, Klingert Gustav Gustavovich
Moscow.1890. Diameter 20 cm.
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Tray, adorned with cloisonné enamel, produced by Gustav Klingert factory (estimated at € 6,000), executed in the white, light blue, blue, and red colour palette. The centre contains an image of the letter “K”, the dates “1840” and “1890” on the top and bottom, the back has the stamp “G Klingert”. Diameter 20 cm.

“The Life of Saint Leonty” icon
“The Life of Saint Leonty” icon.
Height 35.5 cm, width 30 cm.
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“The Life of Saint Leonty” icon on a wooden panel (estimated at € 3,500) shows 12 scenes from the life of Leonty Rostovsky

Badge for active members of the Moscow Archaeological Institute.
Badge for active members of the Moscow Archaeological Institute.
Enamel, gilt. Moscow.1910.
Height 6.7 cm.
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Badge for active members of the Moscow Archaeological Institute (estimated at € 2,500). The metal strip in the form of a bow at the bottom contains the inscription “Imper. Moscow Archaeol. Institute”, “84” stamp under the inscription, “IM” stamp on the back.

Figurine of an elderly peasant woman, bisque. Gardner
Figurine of an elderly peasant woman, bisque.
Gardner, end of the XIXth century. Contains a stamp.
Height 17 cm.
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A figurine of an elderly peasant woman (estimated at € 1,000), bisque, Gardner, end of the XIXth century, will be among the lots on auction in the Russian part of the upcoming winter sale. Height 17 cm.

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