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An Imperial Medallion, Repin, and Schilder at the 2021 Hagelstam & Co. Summer Auction

A traditional summer auction of classic and modern art will be held at Hagelstam & Co. on the 2nd and 3rd of June, 2021. Rare works by Russian, Finnish, and European artists of the XIX-XX centuries will be presented at auction, along with art from Asia, military antiques, porcelain collectibles, art glass, numismatics, and decorative and applied arts. Among the highlights of Russian lots will be a medallion and military antiques with a strong provenance belonging to an aristocratic Finnish family, rare sketches by Ilya Efimovich Repin, and landscape art by Andrey Nikolaevich Schilder and Julius von Klever.

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An imperial gift medallion
An imperial gift medallion.
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The main lot of the Russian part of the auction will be the unique imperial gift medallion with a strong provenance from the aristocratic Finnish family Ramsay (estimated at €25,000), decorated with enamel with a monogram of Alexander III on the lid. Inside the medallion are miniature portraits of Peter I and Alexander III. The medallion was gifted to general Ramsay for his service to the Semyonovksy Regiment in the Russo-Turkish war (1877-1878). Ramsay is a well-known Finnish family name, brothers Arthur Rikhard Ramsay (1838-1915), Archibald Viktor Ramsay (1847-1907), and Gustaf Adolf Ramsay (1842-1918) were generals of the Imperial Leib Guard during the Russo-Turkish war (1877-1878) in the famous Semyonovsky Regiment. Apart from the medallion, the auction will present exceptional military antiques belonging to the same family.


  • The reverse side of the medallion contains the gift inscription “For Pravets, November 11th, 1877”.
Andrey Nikolaevich Schilder
Andrey Nikolaevich Schilder (1861-1919).
Canvas, oil, 159*115 cm.
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Measuring almost a metre and a half in height, the “Shorescape” landscape by Andrey Nikolaevich Schilder (estimated at €15,000) immerses us in the tranquility of the golden hour of the sunset. The orangey-pink colour accents join the illuminated part of the cliffs, the clouds, and the luster on the sea. Cold shadows intensify the impression of a descending evening - the nearly black cliffs in the foreground have cooled entirely, and the turquoise water seems completely cold.

Andrey Nikolaevich Schilder was a student of Ivan Shishkin and was also a graduate of the Imperial Academy of Arts.

Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenevich
Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenevich (1869-1938).
“A Peasant”.
Oil, signature. 44*35 cm.
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“A Peasant” by Vinogradov, Sergei Arsenevich (estimated at € 5,000) brings up the theme of social realism actively exemplified by itinerants. Vinogradov was a student of Sorokin, Polenov, Makovsky, and subsequently became an active member of the Academy of Arts. The depiction of peasants comes by reason of the influence of itinerants on Vinogradov's art, who later adopted the style of art of impressionists after his visit to Paris and his meeting with Renouard.

Julius von Klever
Julius von Klever (1850-1924).
“Time of the Wheat and Blooming Poppies”.
Wooden plate. Oil.
Signature I/VIII 99, the reverse side contains a gift inscription and title.
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Two works by the landscape artist, a graduate and professor of the Imperial Academy of Arts - Julius von Klever - will be presented at the upcoming auction. A landscape “Time of the Wheat and Blooming Poppies” is executed on a wooden plate and has a gift inscription.

Юлий Юльевич Клевер
Julius von Klever (1850-1924).
Canvas/oil, signature and date -84.35*61 cm.
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The landscape painting showing the sunset on a sandy, rocky shoreline, a pine, and a spruce is executed mostly in warm hues with a prevalence of ochre and yellows. The cold light blue line of the sea divides the composition on the line of the horizon, intensifying the warm light of the sky.

Repin, Ilya Yefimovich
Repin, Ilya Yefimovich (1844-1930).
“Portrait of a Man with Hands”, 1870.
Mixed technique.13.5*8.5 cm.
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The portrait of a man with hands (estimated at €1,500) by Ilya Efimovich Repin will be featured in the sale along with five pencil sketches, one of which was done for the famous painting “Resurrection of the Daughter of Jairus”, as well as sketches with a nude figure, two landscapes, and a sketch on the theme of Ancient Rome.


  • Signature and date in the bottom left.
Porcelain dish with dragons.
Porcelain dish with dragons.
China, XVIII century, Qianlong (1736-1795).
Diameter of 44.5 cm.
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A special top lot will be the rare Chinese porcelain dish with blue dragons on a white background (estimated at €30,000) from the time of Qianlong's rule over the Qing dynasty (1736-1795).


  • Dating was performed using the EDXRF analysis method (x-ray fluorescence spectrometer).


  • The dish was bought by a member of the trade delegation of Finland during a visit to China in the 1950s. The buyer worked in a Finnish forestry company - the item was passed down as inheritance to the current owner.

A Collection of Rare Coins of the Russian Empire from the XVIII, XIX, and beginning of the XX century

Монета Российской Империи
A coin of the Russian Empire.
Nominal value of 10 rubles, 1778, Saint-Petersburg.
VF condition (very good).
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A collection of seven coins from the Russia Empire of the XVIII, XIX, and beginning of the XX century will also be presented at auction. The hihlight is the coin with a nominal value of 10 rubles dated 1778 depicting Catherine the Great (estimated at €2,800).

Items of Decorative and Applied Arts

Kovsh, cloisonne enamel
6th Artel of Jewellers.
Moscow 1908-1917.
Length of 13 cm.
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The decorative metal kovsh with an ornately shaped handle (estimated at €2,000) is richly adorned on the entire surface with cloisonne enamel. Has a stamp of the 6th Artel of Jewellers.


  • Visible enamel defects, signs of Restoration.
  • The bottom contains the engraved monogram “VME” (in Cyrillic) and is dated 31/VIII, 1909.


Icon of Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker
Icon of “Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker”.
Russia, Saint-Petersburg, 1832.
31*27 cm.
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Six icons will also be presented at auction, among which is the icon of “Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker” (estimated at €1,000). The icon is set in a glass case with a metal cover.


  • The cover contains the stamps “MI”, “L.K/1832”, “84”, and the coat of arms of Saint-Petersburg.
  • Slight paint defects on the face side.

A Collection of Porcelain Items from the Imperial Porcelain Factory by Gardner, Guzhev, and Popov

The porcelain statuette Scene in the Bedroom. Porcelain factory of N.A.Guzhev
The porcelain statuette “Scene in the Bedroom”.
Porcelain factory of N.A.Guzhev 1860-1879.
Height of 19 cm., width of 19 cm., depth of 16 cm.
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The comical porcelain statuette titled “Scene in the Bedroom” (estimated at €1,500) is hand-painted on red clay - manufactured at the porcelain factory of N.A.Guzhev. The factory was founded in 1860 in the village of Chernyantka of the Tver Governorate and 19 years later came into the possession of S.I. Maslennikov.

Apart from this lot, the auction will present the creations of other porcelain factories of the Russian Empire - the Imperial Porcelain Factory, the factories of Gardner and Popov.


  • Restoration, signs of use, minor chips;
  • The bottom of the statuette contains the manufacturer’s stamp:“Guzhev”.
Coffee cup from the Golden Service.
Coffee cup from the “Golden Service”.
Imperial Porcelain Factory.
Russia, 1st half of theXIX century, height of 6.5 cm.
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The coffee cup (estimated at €400) forms part of the “Golden Service” by sculptor Stepan Pimenov and model master Andrey Voronikhin. It was created for the Pavlovsk and Gatchina Palaces in 1828. The service was presented by Emperor Nikolai I to his mother Maria Feodorovna. A significant part of the “Golden Service” is currently on display in the Throne Room of the “Pavlovsk” State Museum Preserve.


  • Signs of restoration on the rim of the cup.

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