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Raffaello Sorbi, Alice Bailly and Lalanne at Piguet Auction House in Geneva 30 June, 1 and 2 July 2020

On 1 July 2020 Piguet Auction House in Geneva will put up works of European artists from the 17-20th centuries as part of their summer sale. The highlights include a “Pigeon” sculpture lamp by François-Xavier Lalanne, a playful genre scene showing the 18th century Tuscany by Raffaello Sorbi (1844-1931), two works by the Swiss avant-garde artist Alice Bailly (1872-1938), “Jeune fille à l'ombrelle sur la terrasse” by the impressionist Henri Baptiste Lebasque (1865-1937), an etude to “Le 10ème de Muharram” by the Italian Orientalist Fausto Zonaro (1854-1929) and a unique discovery of paired paintings by Pierre Louis De la Rive (1753-1817).

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François-Xavier Lalanne
François-Xavier Lalanne (1927-2008).
A “Pigeon” sculpture lamp.
Bronze, brown patina, opal glass, 22*33*11 cm.
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The upcoming auction will feature a “Pigeon” sculpture lamp by the legendary François-Xavier Lalanne (estimated at CHF 20 000-30 000). The works by François-Xavier are functional, realistic and convey love for nature, while his spouse Claude, as a surrealist, was more found of ironic archetypes. The sculptures by Les Lalanne complimented house furnishings of Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino Garavani, Pierre Bergé, while presently their works form part of the collections of Bernard Arnault, Tom Ford, and Mark Jacobs, among other celebrities.


  • certificate Artcurial as of 22 April 1992.
Raffaello Sorbi
Raffaello Sorbi (1844-1931), “La serenata”.
Oil on canvas. Signed. 43,8*69,2 cm.
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“La serenata” by the Florentine artist Raffaello Sorbi (estimated at CHF 40 000-60 000) depicts a historical genre scene from the 18th century Tuscany, which was among his favourite themes.


  • Sotheby's 02 April 1998.
Pierre Louis De la Rive
Pierre Louis De la Rive (1753-1817). Paired paintings “Les pendants Watteville”, 1795.
Pied du Jura, au-dessus de Trélex (Le matin) et Vue du bas de Tivoli avec pêcheurs, personnages vaches et chien (Le soir).
Oil on panel, 55,5x75 cm.
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Paired paintings “Les pendants Watteville” by Pierre Louis De la Rive from 1795 is an absolutely new discovery on the market (estimated at CHF 20 000-30 000). The commissioner was Hans Rudolf von Frisching (1761-1838), a Swiss guard officer in Holland and memeber of the Grand Council of Bern, who was also the best client of the artist at that time (1795). Some paintings purchased from the artist are still stored in the old family hotel in Bern on Junkerngasse (currently Maison Béatrice de Watteville, propriety of the Confederation).

Piguet Auction House express gratitude to Dr. Patrick-André Guerretta for editing the information about the painting.


  • acquired from the painter in May 1795 and later in March 1796 by Hans Rudolf von Frisching for his château in Rümligen (Bern). Nicolas Rodolphe de Watteville (descendant).
Alice Bailly
Alice Bailly (1872-1938). “Etude pour l'Enfant aux poules”.
Oil on canvas. Signed, dated 1913. 41,5*33 cm.
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The auction will feature two works by the Swiss avant-garde painter Alice Bailly, who was a follower of Dadaism movement, which existed during 1916-1923. Bailly was under the great influence of modernists when she moved to Paris at the age of 32. From fauvism and cubism Bailly’s art gradually transformed into futurism and expressionism when she invented “wool painting”, as she used strands of wool yarns instead of brushes. Her “Etude pour l'Enfant aux poules” (estimated at CHF 20 000-30 000) will be offered in the upcomig sale.


  • acquired from the artist, collection of Paul Budry. The painting has been in the collection of one family until now.


  • Alice Bailly, La fête étrange", Lausanne Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts, 7 October 2005 until 8 Januay 2006.
Alice Bailly
Alice Bailly (1872-1938), “Berne la Jolie, Mains et visages”.
Oil on canvas. Signed, signed on the reverse. 81*65 cm.
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“Berne la Jolie, Mains et visages” by Alice Bailly (estimated at CHF 20 000-30 000).


  • Charles Zanello (1884-1948) husband of Annette Cingria (sister of the artist Alexandre Cingria), later inherited.
Henri Baptiste Lebasque
Henri Baptiste Lebasque (1865-1937), “Jeune fille à l'ombrelle sur la terrasse”.
Oil on canvas, signed, 47*55 cm.
More images here.

“Jeune fille à l'ombrelle sur la terrasse” by the French impressionist Henri Baptiste Lebasque (estimated at CHF 15 000-25 000) is executed in Lebasque's typical manner of brightness and colourfulness and showcases the joy of flourishing nature on a summer day.


  • included into catalogue raisonné of Denise Bazetoux, Maisons-Lafitte, 29 November 2008.
Albert André
Albert André (1869-1954), “Le Verger”, 1902.
Oil on canvas, signed, 199,4*99 cm.
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A two-meter canvas “Le Verger” by the postimpressionist artist Albert André (estimated at CHF 10 000-15 000) is among the top lots in the sale. A close friend of Albert André was Pierre-Auguste Renoir, who remarkably influenced his oeuvre.

Charles George Dufresne
Charles George Dufresne (1876-1938), “Le marché aux esclaves”.
Oil on canvas, signed. 131*163 cm.
More images here.

“Le marché aux esclaves” by the French artist Charles George Dufresne (estimated at CHF 10 000-15 000) refers to the period after 1910 when he came back from Algeria and dedicated some of his paintings to Middle Eastern theme.


  • Galerie Brac, Paris, No. 1001; Collection Cattier.

Exposition :

  • Palais des Beaux-Arts de Brussels;
  • Galerie George Giroux, exposition d'Art français contemporain, 01-16 février 1947, n. 26
Abraham van Calraet
Abraham van Calraet (1642-1722), attribution. “Nature morte aux pêches”.
Oil on panel, monogrammed AC. 30*38 cm.
More images here.

“Nature morte aux pêches”, attribution to the Dutch Golden Age painter Abraham van Calraet (estimated at CHF 8 000-12 000), depicts still life with fruit typical for the artwork by Van Calraet.

Фаусто Зонаро, Этюд Le 10ème de Muharram, Мухаррам десятый
Fausto Zonaro (1854-1929). Etude for “Le 10ème de Muharram”.
Oil on canvas, signed. 38,5*67 cm.
More images here.

Etude for “Le 10ème de Muharram” made for the same title celebrated artwork by the Italian Orientalist artist Fausto Zonaro (estimated at CHF 8 000-12 000), known for his paintings dedicated to the history of the Ottoman Empire.

Piguet Auction House express gratitude to Erol Makzume for authentication of the artwork.

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