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Adolf Dietrich, Paul Désiré Trouillebert, and Willem van Mieris: winter 2021 sale at Schuler Auktionen

During the period from 13 to 17 December, 2021, Schuler Auktionen will hold the traditional winter sale and will present rare works of European painters from the 15-21 century. The top lots are led by the peaceful landscape "Ice skating on Lower Lake" by Adolf Dietrich (1877-1957), the soft and pearly palette “Ferryman in his boat on a river coast” by Paul Désiré Trouillebert (1829-1900), the very rare painting with the Bible scene by Willem van Mieris, discovered after 200 years from the last sale, as well as high quality paintings from the 15-18 century Italian artists.

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Adolf Dietrich
Adolf Dietrich (1877, Berlingen – 1957, Berlingen).
Eislauf auf dem Untersee (Ice skating on Lower Lake).
Oil/cardboard. 1925. Signed lower right and dated. 40,5*59,5 cm.
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“Ice skating on Lower Lake” (estimated at EUR 36'360 – 63'640) from 1925 by the renowned Swiss naïve artist Adolf Dietrich depicts a late afternoon hour of serenity, when people are enjoying ice skating on a frozen lake, and later would go home to spend the rest of the day with family, which symbolize two swans in the golden light in the background. The painter did not have formal education, and produced landscapes, portraits, still-life paintings, pictures of animals and birds, which were either part of his everyday life or those he would find in the photographs and books.


  • Private collection, Switzerland.


  • Mannheim, Galerie "Kunsthaus" Dr. Tannenbaum, A. Dietrich, 1925
  • Winterthur, Kunstverein, A. Dietrich, 5 – 26 September 1926 I (expanded exhibition of Mannheim 1925)
  • Zürich, Kunsthaus, A. Dietrich, Gedächtnisausstellung, 17 October – end of November 1957
  • Frauenfeld, Bernerhaus u. Villa Sonnenberg, A. Dietrich, Ausstellung zum 100. Geburtstag, 10 September – 13 November 1977
  • Ermatingen/Zürich, A. Dietrich, Streiflichter auf Leben und Werk, SBG Ermatingen, 3 September – 2 October 1977 and SBG-Hauptsitz Zürich, 12 January – 13 February 1978


  • F. Roh, Die Kunst des Landarbeiters, Bauern und Malers A. Dietrich, Zürich 1926, p. 1150
  • M. Riess, Der Maler und Holzfäller A. Dietrich, Berlin 1927 I
  • H. Griot, Holzfäller and Maler, Zürich 1934, p. 22
  • Hch. Ammann, A. Dietrich, Frauenfeld 1977, p. 80, 86
  • Hch. Ammann / Chr. Vögele, Adolf Dietrich, Die Gemälde, Weinfelden 1994, Oeuvrekatalog 25.12
Willem van Mieris
Willem van Mieris (1662, Leiden – 1747, Leiden).
Der Kindermord zu Bethlehem (Massacre of the Innocents).
Oil/wooden panel. Probably 1696. Signed lower left. Numbered on the reverse 339, wax seal. 37*47 cm.
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The Bible scene “Massacre of the Innocents” (estimated at EUR 13'640– 22'730) by the Dutch artist Willem van Mieris is a rare discovery and absolute highlight in the auction. This high quality work is of great artistic value, both as a professional piece of art and an artwork appearing on the art market after more than 200 years. The former owner of the painting was a prominent collector Armand François Louis de Mestral de Saint Saphorin (1738 – 1805), who served as a Danish diplomat in the Netherlands in 1778. Van Mieris style of painting belongs to the Leiden school, which characteristic is detail and elegance of the picture.


  • Auktion Pook und Theodorus van Pee, Confrerie Kamer der Kunstschilders, the Hague, 23 May 1747
  • Auktion Jacobus Hendrik Viet, the Hague, 12 October 1774, from the collection of Arnoldus Dankmeyer Amsterdam
  • Auktion Jacobus Hendrik Viet, the Hague, 25 September 1780, from the collection of Stephanus Roetmulder, the Hague
  • Collection of Armand François Louis de Mestral de Saint-Saphorin (1738–1815), probably acquired in the above auction in 1780
  • From that time in the collection of the same family in Western Switzerland.


  • Hofstede de Groot, C.: Beschreibendes und kritisches Verzeichnis der Werke der hervorragendsten holländischen Maler des XVII Jahrhunderts, 1928.
Maria mit Kind und den Heiligen Jacobus und Philippus (Mary with the Christ Child, James the Great and Philip the Apostle).
Maria mit Kind und den Heiligen Jacobus und Philippus (Mary with the Christ Child, James the Great and Philip the Apostle).
Bologna, end of the 16 century. Oil/canvas. 251*173,5 cm.
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“Mary with the Christ Child, James the Great and Philip the Apostle” (estimated at EUR 9'090– 13'640) belongs to the 16 century Bolognese school. This large-scale work is impressive in size – two and a half meter in length and more than one and a half meter in width. Stylistically this work has a strong Mannerism influence, which found expression in the brightness and abundance of colour contrasts and the stiffness of postures of figures.

Paul Désiré Trouillebert
Paul Désiré Trouillebert (1829, Paris – 1900, Paris).
Passeur dans sa barque au bord de rivière (Ferryman in his boat on a river coast).
Oil/canvas. Signed lower left. 46*61 cm.
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Romanticism landscape “Ferryman in his boat on a river coast” estimated at ( EUR 7'270.00–10'910) by the Barbizon school artist Paul Désiré Trouillebert is inspired by pearly and silver palette of Jean-Baptiste-Camille-Corot, whose works characteristic is softness of light and skillful balance of the tone value.


  • With certificate from Trouillebert & Archives Barbizon, Thomas Maier und Prof. Dr. Bernd Müllerschön as of 3.11.2021
  • The work will be included into Online-Supplement to the “Catalogue Raisonné de l'Oeuvre peint de Paul Désiré Trouillebert"


  • Galerie Sieber, Lucerne, May 1999.
  • Private collection, Lucerne (acquired from the above gallery).
Artist unknown (from Fiesole, Tuscany – was active in Florence in the 2nd half of the 15 century).
Artist unknown (from Fiesole, Tuscany – was active in Florence in the 2nd half of the 15 century).
Maria mit Kind (Mary with the Christ Child).
Tempera on wood panel. 32*22 cm. With frame 40*30,5 cm.
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“Mary with the Christ Child” (estimated at EUR 6'360–8'180) by the unknown artist from the town of Fiesole in Tuscany was painted specially for religious contemplation. The iconography in the painting was very popular in the 2nd half of the 15 century, hence many similar works were produced during that time. The face of Mary in the picture is reminiscent of that in the painting by the Italian Renaissance artist Pinturicchio, which is nowadays kept in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston.


  • Expert conclusion from Prof. Dr. Gaudenz Freuler, October 2021.


  • Private collection, Switzerland.
Adriaen van Oolen
Adriaen van Oolen (1651, Amsterdam – 1694, Amsterdam), attribution.
Federvieh in einer Parklandschaft (Poultry in a park).
Oil/canvas. 138,5*123 cm.
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A large scale “Poultry in a park”, attribution to the Dutch animal painter Adriaen van Oolen (estimated at EUR 4'550–6'360) depicts beautiful birds in the manner characteristic of the 17 century Dutch artists with fine details and realistic colour balance.


  • Painting relined, later additions.
Joseph-Laurent Malaine
Joseph-Laurent Malaine (1745, Tournai – 1809, Paris).
Blumen- und Früchtenstillleben, auf der Marmorplatte eine Ananas (Still life with flowers and a pineapple on marble panel).
Oil/wooden panel. Signed and dated lower right "L. Malaine à Paris 1806 (?)".72,5*59 cm.
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“Still life with flowers and a pineapple on marble panel” (estimated at EUR 4'550.00 – 6'360.00) by Joseph-Laurent Malaine abounds with many symbols typical for the Dutch still life. As a painter with outstanding technique Malaine was invited to work at several tapestry factories, which facilitated his appointment as Professor at the School of Fine Arts in Lyon.


  • Panel polished. Vertical cracking, mounted into the new panel.
Madonna mit Kind und zwei Putti (Madonna with Christ Child and two Putti).
Madonna mit Kind und zwei Putti (Madonna with Christ Child and two Putti).
Oil/canvas. Bologna, beginning of the 18 century. Wax seal on the reverse ma di Cred…(?)”. Old label on the stretchers on the reverse with the inscription Galerie Neupert, Zürich, Nr. 512 with attribution to Simone Cantarini. 98*174 cm.
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“Madonna with Christ Child and two Putti”, Bologna, 18 century, (estimated at EUR 3'640 – 5'450) is executed in the academic manner of the Bolognese school, based on the painting tradition of Northern Italy.


  • Painting relined.
Jules Noel
Jules Noel (1815, Quimper – Algeria).
Marchande de chiens et d'oiseaux près de la Sainte Chapelle à Paris (Merchant of dogs and birds near Sainte-Chapelle in Paris).
Oil/canvas. Lower right signed and dated. Old label on the reverse with the same title. 54,5*37,8 cm.
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“Merchant of dogs and birds near Sainte-Chapelle in Paris” (estimated at 2'730 – 4'550) by Jules Noel depicts a street on the Île del la Cite in Paris, where a young woman and a girl stopped by to purchase a canary and a small dog. The celebrated chapel in the Gothic style with magnificent stained glass and unsurpassed architecture can be seen in the background.


  • Relined.


  • Kunstgalerie W. Klopfer, Zurich.
  • Private collection, Switzerland (acquired from the above, comes with the receipt as of 5.5.1984).
  • Schweizer Privatbesitz, bei obiger Galerie gekauft (5.5.1984, Kaufquittung vorhanden).
Elias Pieter van Bommel
Elias Pieter van Bommel (1819, Amsterdam – Vienna, 1890).
Ansicht der Prinsengracht in Amsterdam (View of Prinsengracht in Amsterdam).
Oil/canvas. Signed lower right. Old label on the reverse with the mentioning of the painter “Wien 1885”. 46,4*68,5 cm.
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View of Prinsengracht in Amsterdam, 1885, (estimated at 2'730 – 4'550) by the master of Dutch landscape Elias Pieter van Bommel captured the city in the end of 19 century. The work has a definite historic importance, because the paintings of the artist were always credible and detailed.

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