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Alfred de Dreux, Giacomo Fardella di Calvello, Jan Anthonisz van Ravesteyn: works of XV-XIX centuries European painters at Schuler Auktionen summer sale 24-28 June 2019 in Zurich

Paintings of European artists of the XV-XIXth centuries will be among the top lots at Schuler Auktionen summer sale 24-28 June 2019.

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Alfred de Dreux
Alfred de Dreux (1810, Paris – 1860, Paris).
“Young rider on the black horse and a little dog” (1845).
Oil on canvas. Signed on the bottom right and dated. 92*65 cm.
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“Young rider on the black horse and a little dog” (estimated at €22,730 – 31,820) of a famous French animal painter Alfred de Dreux was executed in 1845. The painting features a favourite for the artist subject of horses.

Note: Strip lining. Signs of restoration. A stamp von Brullon, Paris on the reverse side. There is also an expert conclusion from Marie-Christine Renauld. The painting is included into the Alfred de Dreux catalogue in preparation as of 17.06.2014.

Giacomo Fardella da Calvello
Giacomo Fardella di Calvello (Rome, 1624 – Naples, 1706).
“Still life with fruit and fish”.
Oil on canvas. On the top right: "D. GIVS. FAR / NO / PALERM". 64,8*92,8 cm.
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Still life with fruit and fish (estimated at €9,090 – 13,640) executed by the Italian master Giacomo Fardella di Calvello in the manner typical for the artist.

Note: Relined. Riccardo Lattuada took part in cataloguing of this painting.

Provenance: Private collection, Switzerland.

Literature: illustrations with fruit and fish painted by the artist found in the book of Salerno, Luigi, La natura morta italiana, 1560 – 1805, Rom, 1984, p. 278, fig. 77.1, as 1684, currently held in Palazzo Pitti. Also, illustrations with fruit painted by the artist found in the book Salerno, p. 279, fig. 77.2, currently held in Palazzo Pitti, stilistically similar to the painting offered at auction.

Jan Anthonisz van Ravesteyn
Jan Anthonisz van Ravesteyn (the Hague, c. 1572 – the Hague, 1657).
“Portrait of a man with the wedding medal of Friedrick V of the Palatinate and Elisabeth Stuart by Jan de Bommaert as of 1613”.
Oil on canvas. 62*49 cm.
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Jan Anthonisz van Ravesteyn’s “Portrait of a man with the wedding medal of Friedrick V of the Palatinate and Elisabeth Stuart by Jan de Bommaert as of 1613” (estimated at €7,270 – 10,910) relates to an important historical fact. The wedding medal is a reminiscence of the events during the Bohemian Revolt (1618-1620) and the Trinity Years' War (1618-1648). Portraits by Jan Anthonisz van Ravesteyn are remarkably realistic and show outstanding technique skills of the master.

Note: Marina Aarts and Eric Domela Nieuwenhuis provided information about the painting and the medal.

Provenance: Private collection, Switzerland.

Franz Richard Unterberger.
Franz Richard Unterberger (Innsbruck, 1838 – Neuilly-sur-Seine, 1902).
“Lauterbrunnental with the view of the Breithorn”.
Oil on canvas. Signed on the bottom left. Titled on the old label on the reverse side. 61*92 см.
More images here.

Franz Richard Unterberger’s landscape “Lauterbrunnental with the view of the Breithorn” (estimated at €4,550 – 7,270) shows the panoramic view of the Swiss Apls in the bygone times.

Note: Damage of paint on the bottom centre. Retouching.

Provenance: Private collection, Switzerland.

Carl Spitzweg.
Carl Spitzweg (Munich,1808 – Munich, 1885).
“A storm bearing down on Murnau”.
Oil on wood panel. Numbered label on the reverse side "496 8,8x13". 9,2*13,6 см.
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A landscape “A storm bearing down on Murnau” (estimated at €4,550 – 7,270) by one of the most famous representatives of the Biedemeier era shows a view of the mountains and the river in the foreground.


  • A wood panel is part of the cigarette box without the prime paint layer.
  • Detlef Rosenberger examined the painting, and shall include it into the catalogue of Carl Spitzweg (in preparation as of May 2019).


  • Karl und Faber, Munich, 15 October 1964, Auction 92, Lot 934.
  • Private collection, Switzerland.

Literature: Identical work found in Wichmann, Siegfried: Carl Spitzweg. Verzeichnis der Werke. p. 496, No. 1344.

Carl Spitzweg
Carl Spitzweg (Munich,1808 – Munich, 1885).
“A woman in the Dachau costume” (c. 1856–58).
Oil on paper. 30,2*20,4 cm.
More images here.

Another work of Carl Spitzweg to be featured at the upcoming auction is “A woman in the Dachau costume” (estimated at €4,550 – 7,270) executed in 1856–58.


  • Signed by Otto Spitzweg (nephew of Carl Spitzweg) on the reverse side and has an old label: “Dachau peasant woman with an umbrella”. Also has a stamp and seal of Carl Spitzweg as well as an inscription made by Curt Spitzweg (son of Otto Spitzweg) stating that the work is part of his collection.
  • On the top of the reverse side traces of glue and unnoticeable spots. Slight swelling of paper and damaged edges and corners. Traces of framing.
  • Detlef Rosenberger examined the work, and shall include it into the catalogue of Carl Spitzweg (in preparation as of May 2019).

Provenance: in the same collection for many generations.

Ignacio Zuloaga
Ignacio Zuloaga (Eibar, 1870 – Madrid, 1946).
“Profile portrait of a man” (1892).
Oil on canvas. Signed on the bottom left. 58*43,2 cm.
More images here.

“Profile portrait of a man” (estimated at €4,550 – 6,360) by Ignacio Zuloaga relates to the life period of the artist when he went from Northern Spain to Andalusia seeking inspiration in 1892. That time was a new stage in the art of Zuloaga when he became interested in toreadors, dancers, farmers and especially gypsies. The portrait depicts a young gypsy man in the typical workers clothes (white shirt and brown jacket).


  • Some cracks of paint, stains.
  • The Zuloaga Foundation confirmed authenticity of the painting.

Provenance: Private collection, Switzerland.

Exhibitions: probably, Le Barc de Boutteville, Paris, "Ignacio Zuloaga: Espagne blanche", 1–19 June 1895, как "El mozuelo gitano".


  • Lafuente Ferrari, Emilio, "Obras de juventud de Zuloaga". In: Arte Español, Bd. XVII, Madrid 1949, IV, ill. 1.
  • Lafuente Ferrari, Emilio: La vida y el arte de Ignacio Zuloaga. Barcelona, 1990 (3rd edition), Nr. 33, p. 491 as "Retrato de un joven moreno, visto de perfil sobre un cielo gris" and p. 57 as "El mozuelo gitano".
Portrait of a young man in the style of Sandro Botticelli
“Portrait of a young man”
in the manner of Sandro Botticelli (Florence, 1445 – Florence, 1510).
Oil on wood panel. 53*33,5 cm.
More images here.

“Portrait of a young man” (estimated at €4,550 – 6,360) is painted in the manner of Sandro Botticelli. A detailed report by the Swiss Institute of Art Research as of 25 June 2018 states that extensive manipulations with the portrait and a restoration after 1961 violate historical authenticity of the work due to severe changes made in the painting.


  • Collection of Grassi, Florence, until c. 1924. (Luigi Grassi?, monogrammed on the reverse side LG) as per the letter from Julius Böhler as of 22.11.1927. However, this provenance is questionable.
  • For the first time the painting appeared on the market in 1924. As Bode wrote in Preussischen Kunstsammlungen Yearbook, Nr. 45, p. 113–116. in 1924 that the portrait by Botticelli recently come on the market imitates the manner of Fra Filippo Lippi.
  • Private collection, Zurich, from 1924 until now has belonged to one family.


  • Bode, Botticellli: des Meisters Werke, 1926, p. 41 will ill. (as Botticelli in 1475).
  • Van Marle, The Development of the Italian Schools of Painting, 1931, ill. 12 (as Botticelli).
  • Salvini, Tutta la pittura del Botticelli, 1958, ill. 1, p. 69 and ill. 134B (as Botticelli, without a commentary of attribution).
  • Mandel, L’opera completa del Botticelli, 1978, No. 34 with ill. (without a commentary of attribution).
  • Lightbown, Sandro Botticelli: Complete Catalogue, 1978 (not mentioned).
  • Pons, Botticelli: Catalogo Completo, 1989 (without a commentary of attribution).
  • Fondazione Zeri (as Filippino Lippi – also Zambrano/Nelson, 2004, in the publication about Lippi the painting s not mentioned). The painting documented 1953.
  • Frick Art Reference Library (as Botticelli).


Walter Moras
Walter Moras (Berlin, 1856 – Harzburg, 1925).
“Snowy Alley”.
Oil on canvas. Signed on the bottom left.
More images here.

“Snowy Alley” (estimated at €4,550 – 6,360) by Walter Moras’, a German master of landscapes, shows a favourite winter theme of the artist.


  • Dorotheum, Wien, 11.10.2011, Lot 126.
  • Private collection, Switzerland.
Circle of Hyacinthe Rigaud
Circle of Hyacinthe Rigaud (Perpignan, 1659 – Paris, 1743).
“Portrait of a man” (c. 1710-15).
Oil on canvas. 120,8*95,8 см (oval).
More images here.

A large-scale “Portrait of a man” (estimated at €3,640 – 5,450) was painted in c. 1710-15. The composition was inspired by such works of Hyacinthe Rigaud as “Portrait of Earl Stefano Gentile” (1709) or “Portrait of François-Rene de Vergnette, Seigneur d'Hardencourt” (1710) with the difference the offered portrait does not show the hands of the sitter.

Note: Relining, new clips on the frame.

Provenance: Private collection, Switzerland.

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