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Adriaen Hendriksz Verboom, Eugen Bracht, Maurice Utrillo: XVII-XX century European artists at Schuler Auktionen 22-26 June 2020 in Zurich

The upcoming summer auction at Schuler Auktionen will feature a few rare works by prominent European artists from different periods – Adriaen Hendriksz Verboom, Eugen Bracht, Maurice Utrillo, Jan Cybis, Martin Disler, as well as an extensive collection of paintings representing the art of various European schools from the XVII-XX centuries.

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Maurice Utrillo
Maurice Utrillo (1883, Paris – 1955, Dax).
“Le Moulin de la Galette à Montmartre”, 1922.
Oil on board. Signed, dated bottom right "Septembre 1922". Remaining dedicatory inscription above the signature.
21*31 cm.
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“Le Moulin de la Galette à Montmartre” (1922) by a landscape master Maurice Utrillo (estimated at EUR 22 860 – 34 290) shows a well-known windmill in Paris. Maurice Utrillo was born in Monmartre and painted Parisian views for the rest of his life, which made him famous.


  • Certificate of authenticity by Gilbert Pétridès и Jean Fabris as of 27 October 1995.


  • Collection of an art dealer and critic Adolphe Basler, Paris (according to the inscription on the reverse side).
  • Probably, private collection in Riehen.
  • Germann, Zurich, auction as of 12 November 1996, No 24.
  • Private collection, Zurich.
Martin Disler
Martin Disler (1949, Seewen – 1996, Geneva).
“Canyondancer”, 1987/91.
Oil on canvas. Signed and dated on the reverse: "Milano 87 / Les Planchettes 91".
175*134,5 cm.
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“Canyondancer” by a Swiss artist Martin Disler (estimated at EUR 9 520 – 19 050) conveys the fullness of emotion and expression derived from fauvism, and applied in the ideas of German neo-expressive art movement “Neue Wilde” emerged in the 1980-s.

Eugen Bracht
Eugen Bracht (1842, Morges – 1921, Darmstadt).
"Die Sautrift", 1920.
Oil on canvas. Signed and dated bottom right. On the reverse numbered 1819 and titled.
80*120 cm.
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The interest of Eugen Bracht to the theme "Die Sautrift" (estimated at EUR 7 620 – 13 330) emerged yet in the 1860-s. After 1902 the artist returned to this theme and made two chalk drawings in 1903. According to Mathildenhöhe catalogue Bracht made four versions of this painting in oil – two of them in 1903, from which the first one is considered lost and other two in 1914 and 1919. The painting offered at auction dated 1920, which implies that it is either the work made in 1919 or a different painting.

Schuler Auktionen express gratitude to Dr. Holger Klein-Wiele, ex-officer at Mathildenhöhe Institute in Darmstadt for his help in cataloguing of this painting.


  • Private collection, Switzerland.


  • vgl. Grosskinsky, Manfred: Eugen Bracht 1842-1921, Landschaftsmaler im wilhelminischen Kaiserreich, Ausst.-Kat., Darmstadt 1992, p. 53f., 408ff.
Artists Unknown, c. 1840.
Artist Unknown, c. 1840.
“Portrait of a seated woman”.
Oil on canvas. 100*72 cm.
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“Portrait of a seated woman” (estimated at EUR 6 670 – 8 570) was executed in c. 1840, which can be concluded based on the hairstyle and dress of the sitter. 100*72 cm.


  • Private collection, Switzerland.
Artist Unknown, mid-XIXth century.
Artist Unknown, mid-XIXth century.
"Der Aufbruch einer Reisegruppe nach einer Pause im Gasthof Bären"
(Departure after a stay at a Bernese Gasthof)
Oil on canvas. 100x160 cm.
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A fantasy landscape "Der Aufbruch einer Reisegruppe nach einer Pause im Gasthof Bären" (Departure after a stay at a Bernese Gasthof) (estimated at EUR 4 760 – 7 620) fuses impressions from different views in Switzerland: the Gasthof is typical for the area of the Bernese Oberland, a scene with horses can be inspired by the Wengernalp and the glacier in the background is “Plaine Morte”.


  • Retouching, colour defects.


  • Private collection, West Switzerland.
Maurice Barraud
Maurice Barraud (1889, Geneva – 1954, Geneva).
“Sleeping Isabelle”.
Oil on canvas. Signed bottom right. 54*65 cm.
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“Sleeping Isabelle” by a Swiss painter Maurice Barraud (estimated at EUR 4 760 – 7 620) belongs to the theme of female portrait, which inspired the artist apart from landscapes. Barraud's manner relates to the expressionism of Cezanne and Matisse.


  • Private collection, Basel.
Niklaus Stoecklin
Niklaus Stoecklin (1896, Basel – 1982, Basel).
“Venice, St. Mark’s Square”, 1950.
Oil and tempera on hardboard. Signed and dated bottom right.
32*42 cm.
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“Venice, St. Mark’s Square”, dated 1950, by Niklaus Stoecklin (estimated at EUR 4 760 – 6 670) is a fine exponent of the art movement “New Objectivity”.


  • Private collection, Basel.
North Italy, second half of the XVII century.
North Italy, second half of the XVII century.
Oil on canvas. 110*140 cm.
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A large-scale still life with a basket of flowers and a basket of fruit (estimated at EUR 3 810 – 5 710) belongs to the XVII century school of North Italy. 110*140 cm.


  • Strip lining, new frame and stretchers.
Jan Cybis
Jan Cybis (1897, Fröbel – Warsaw, 1972).
“Still life with flowers”, 1936.
Oil on canvas. Signed and dated bottom right.
61*49,5 cm.
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“Still life with flowers” (1936) by a Polish artist Jan Cybis (estimated at EUR 3 810 – 5 710) represents the epoch of the Kapists in Poland in 1930-s, who were under strong influence of French post-impressionists. 61*49,5 cm.

Edward Theodore Compton
Edward Theodore Compton (1849, Stoke Newington – 1921, Feldafing).
“View of Lake Thun with Spiez”, 1897.
Oil on canvas. Signed bottom left, dated.
55*92,3 cm.
More images here.

“View of Lake Thun with Spiez” (estimated at EUR 2 860 – 4 760) by an English-born German artist Edward Theodore Compton, whose works known to retain topographical accuracy, shows an idyllic Alpine landscape.


  • Strip lining.


  • Private collection, Zurich.
Adriaen Hendriksz Verboom
Adriaen Hendriksz Verboom (1628, Rotterdam – 1670, Amsterdam).
“Forest landscape with people staffage”.
Signed bottom left. 75,5*69 cm.
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“Forest landscape with people staffage” by a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter (estimated at EUR 1 900– 2 860) Adriaen Hendriksz Verboom, shows an Italianate evening landscape where men and nature exist in perfect harmony. The works by Verboom make part of collections in the museums around the world. The figures of people and animals were painted by Johannes Lingelbach (1622, Frankfurt a.M. – 1674, Amsterdam), who often painted staffage in the works of his contemporaries. 75,5*69 cm.


  • Stripe lining.
Jan Weenix
Jan Weenix (1640, Amsterdam – 1719, Amsterdam),
in the manner of, beginning of the XXth century.
“Black servant in a park and still life with fruit”.
Oil on canvas. 210*177 cm.
More images here.

A large scale canvas “Black servant in a park and still life with fruit” (estimated at EUR 1 900 – 2 860) was painted in the manner of Jan Weenix in the beginning of the XX century. 210*177 cm.

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