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Camille Corot, Jacques Courtois, Anton Graff, Marie Laurencin at the Schuler Auktionen autumn sale 2021

The upcoming auction to be held during the period from 13 to 17 September at Schuler Auktionen will feature an extensive series of Old Master paintings, as well as works by 18-19th century and contemporary artists. The highlights include the portrait of the mayor of Leipzig from the end of the 18th century by Anton Graff, a pair of large scale portraits by an unknown artist from the Netherlands living in the beginning of the 17th century, the portrait of the lover of the Brazilian modern artist Emiliano Di Cavalcanti, the landscape by Camille Corot representing a version of the one kept in the Metropolitan Museum, the great battle scene by Jacques Courtois (circle of), a delicate watercolour by Marie Laurencin.

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Jean Baptiste Camille Corot
Jean Baptiste Camille Corot (Paris 1796–1875 Ville-d'Avray).
Honfleur – Calvaire sur la côte de Grâce.
Oil on paper on cardboard. Bottom left stampted "Vente Corot". C. 1830. 20*31 cm.
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Among the top lots in the upcoming auction is the landscape “Honfleur – Calvaire sur la côte de Grâce” from c. 1830 by Camille Corot (estimated at € 19'050 – 28'570). A landscape with similar composition showing the shore from the same perspective but in different size is included into the permanent exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum. Camille Corot can be considered the father of the Barbizon school, and known for his landscapes with various destinations in France. Many of Corot’s works form part in the collections of the leading museums in the world.


  • Vente Corot, 1875 sold to M. Durand-Ruel.
  • Private collection, Eastern Switzerland – passed down as inheritance to the current owner.


  • Robaut, Alfred, L'Oeuvre de Corot. Catalogue raisonné et illustré, 1905, ill. 2, p. 78-79, Nr. 224 und ill. 4, p. 199, Nr. 56.
Jacques Courtois
Jacques Courtois (Saint-Hippolyte 1621–1676 Rom) – circle of.
The great battle schene.
Oil on canvas. 107*213 cm.
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The great battle scene by Jacques Courtois (circle of) (estimated at € 7'620 – 11'430) captures the moment of the battle in the typical realism manner Courtois applies. Courtois created very naturalistic historical paintings, for which he served in the army for 3 years. Currently his works form part in the collections of the leading museums of the world, including the State Hermitage and Louvre.


  • On the reverse in the bottom left: J. Courtois Bourgignon fecit;
  • Bottom left on the reverse: “J. Courtois Bourgignon fecit”;
  • Edge relined;
  • Minimal damage of the paint layers;
  • Comes with the expertise report from Nathalie Lallemand-Buyssens as of 28 june 2021.


  • Richard Olbertz, Zurich;
  • Private collection in Switzerland, acquired from R. Olbertz (comes with receipt of purchase, 9.2.1940).
Paired portraits, c. 1620/1630: portrait of a man aged 80/ portrait of a woman aged 59.
Paired portraits, c. 1620/1630: portrait of a man aged 80/ portrait of a woman aged 59.
Oil on canvas. 107*88 cm and 107,5*89 cm.
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An unusual lot with paired portraits showing a man aged 80 and a woman aged 59 by an unknown artist, dated 1620/1630 (estimated at € 5'710 – 7'620). Age indicated on the right in the upper part on the portrait of a man and in the upper left part on the portrait of a woman. Both portraits are registered in RDK. The inscriptions on the frame presumably were made by the previous owners of the portraits, who were distant ancestors of the current owners.


  • Schloss Dardagny (Châteauvieux), Geneva – passed down as inheritance to the current owner in West Switzerland.
Paul Désiré Trouillebert
Paul Désiré Trouillebert (Paris, 1829 – Paris, 1900).
Le Pont de Chatou (Seine).
Oil on canvas. Signed bottom left. 55,2*46 cm.
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“Le Pont de Chatou (Seine)” by Paul Désiré Trouillebert (estimated at € 4'760 – 6'670) was painted under the strong influence by the renowned Barbizon school landscape painter Camille Corot. Works by Trouillebert were exhibited at the Salon, and currently form part in the collections of the leading museums in the world with the State Hermitage among others.


  • Signed bottom left;
  • Relined;
  • Authenticated by Trouillebert & Archives Barbizon, Thomas Maier and Dr. Bernd Müllerschön, 26 May 2021;
  • The painting will be included into the application to "Catalog Raisonné de l'Oeuvre peint de Paul Désiré Trouillebert" – the composition in the painting is similar to № 0639 “Le Pont de Chatou (Seine)”, p. 432.


  • Private collection, Switzerland.
Giovanni Antonio Fasolo
Giovanni Antonio Fasolo (Mandello del Lario, 1530 – Vicenza, 1572), attribution.
Portrait of a young woman.
Oil on canvas. 61,5*47,5 cm.
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Portrait of a young woman (estimated at € 3'810 – 5'710) is attributed to the Italian artist from the Venetian school Giovanni Antonio Fasolo as the research of Prof. Mauro Natale in 2014 showed.


  • Beautifully carved frame;
  • Relined, new stretchers, retouching.
Di Cavalcanti Emiliano
Di Cavalcanti Emiliano (Rio de Janeiro, 1897 – Rio de Janeiro, 1976).
Ginger hair woman with a ball (Ivete’s portrait).
Oil on canvas. Bottom right and on the reverse signed and dated. 1972. 80*60 cm.
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“Ginger hair woman with a ball (Ivete’s portrait)” by the Brazilian modern artist Emiliano di Cavalcanti (эстимейт € 7'620 – 9'520) shows the lover of the painter as his daughter said. Contrasting red and green background emphasizes the colour of the sitter’s hair, and a turquoise almost glowing ball in the sitter’s hands creates the effect of closed composition and highlights the roundness of shapes.


  • Scratches and areas with loss of paint layers;


  • Collection of Lucien Finkelstein, Rio de Janeiro – acquired directly from the artist (comes with the copy of receipt 17.10.1980);
  • Collection of Roseclair Darmon;
  • Collection of Eliane Pinheiro Silva,Rio de Janeiro (comes with the copy of receipt);
  • Passed down by inheritace to the current Brazilian-Swiss family.
Khalil Ibrahim
Khalil Ibrahim (1934 – Hulu Langat, 2018).
Batik.Bottom right signed and dated. Without frame. 1968. 88*72 cm.
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“Dancers” (estimated at €7'620 – 13'330) represent the work by one of the most prominent Malaysian artists Khalil Ibrahim. This work is made in the batik technique, which was quite commonly applied by him in his art along with watercolour and acrylic paints. Khalil Ibrahim worked in various styles – from realism to abstract art getting interested in it during hstudies in London in 1960-s.

Marie Laurencin
Marie Laurencin (Paris, 1885 – Paris, 1954).
Three female figures with a dog.
Watercolour and pencil on paper. With frame. 27,8*37,7 cm.
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A delicate watercolour “Three female figures with a dog” by the French artist and engraver Marie Laurencin (estimated at €7'620 – 13'330) showcases the theme of femininity she constantly pursued by painting women in the company of either fauns or fairies.


  • Yvonne Blankhard (Wife of Paul Blankard), Basel;
  • Private collection in West Switzerland – passed down as inheritance in 1980-s;
  • Passed down as inheritance to the current owner.


  • Signed with ink upper right.
  • Labe on the reverse “Paul Vallotton S.A”.
  • Minimal traces of yellow aged paper, lighter edges, slightly crumpled corners. Tiny missing piece of paper in the upper right corner. Partly mounted in the upper part.
  • Shuler Auktionen express their gratitude to Daniel Marchesseau for including this work into the archive of Marie Laurencin.
Anton Graff
Anton Graff (Winterthur, 1736 – Dresden, 1813).
Portrait of Carl Wilhelm Mueller – Mayor of Leipzig.
Oil on canvas, c. 1766. 75,5*61,5 cm.
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Portrait of Carl Wilhelm Mueller by the prolific Swiss portrait painter Anton Graff (estimated at € 5'710 – 8'570) will be featured in the sale together with some of his other works. Anton Graff painted his contemporaries and left rich artistic heritage. Carl Wilhelm Mueller was a lawyer, a local judge, a mayor of Leipzig from 1778. He called for the development of school and church system, and in 1780 was active in the building of the concert hall in Gewandhaus.


  • Relined, minimal scratches, retouching.


  • Collection of Gustav von Crayen, Leipzig/Luzern until 1928.
  • Collection of Arthur Meiner, Leipzig (1865–1952) – acquired in 1928, after death remained in the family and later loaned to the Museum of Fine arts (Leipzig).
  • Auction: Munich/Neumeister, 9-10 мая 1973.
  • Private collection, Zurich – acquired in the mentioned above sale.


  • Leipzig, Stadtgeschichtliches Museum, Die Leipziger Bildnismalerei von 1700 –1850, June-July 1912;
  • Dresden, Sächsischer Kunstverein, Anton Graff, 5 October– 30 November 1913;
  • Leipzig, Museum der Bildenden Künste, 150 Jahre Kunst und Künstler in Leipzig, 1937;
  • Berlin, National Gallery, Anton Graff, 1963.


  • A. Berckenhagen, Anton Graff, Leben und Werk, Berlin 1967, Katalog der Werke Nr. 1024.
Ambrogio Preda
Ambrogio Preda (Milan, 1839 –Davesco, 1906).
View of Lugano from Cureggia.
Oil on canvas. Signed bottom left. 55*76 cm.
More images here.

“View of Lugano from Cureggia” (estimated at € 5'710 – 8'570) by the renowned Italian landscape artist Ambrogio Preda shows the mountains during the golden hour in the late afternoon, which was the main theme in his oeuvre.


  • Private collection, Ticino.

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