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Nationalmuseum in Sweden discovered a painting lost 74 years ago in Poland

A highly important priority for Nationalmuseum in Sweden is provenance – the collection is regularly revised with thorough provenance research for every artwork.

School of Lucas Cranach the Elder. The Lamentation of Christ
School of Lucas Cranach the Elder
“The Lamentation of Christ”

Having analysed the provenance of “The Lamentation of Christ” by the School of Lucas Cranach the Elder in collaboration with the Polish Ministry of Culture, the museum revealed that the painting had been lost for almost 74 years by the National Museum in Wrocław, while acquired at an auction in 1970 for 4000 SEK.

In November 1945 the painting was included into the list of artefacts evacuated from a museum in Breslau to be stored in Kamenz in Poland. A year later it occurred that about 100 works of art from the list were missing, including “The Lamentation of Christ”.

Source: Nationalmuseum

Evgeniy Saunin, 29 june 2020 01:40

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