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Artificial intelligence will be protecting The Vatican Apostolic Library from cyber-attacks

The digitised part of the Vatican's library, uploaded to the Internet for public use, is attacked by hackers an average of 100 times per month.

Vatican Library
Foto: Vatican Library
Source: Wikipedia

From 2012, the Vatican began the systematic effort to digitise its library's contents, and, today, approximately 25% of the library's documents have been digitised. Things that used to only be accessible to professional historians can now be perused by anybody with access to the Internet.

From the very beginning, the library was subject to cyber-attacks whose number continues to grow. More than 3 times a day, hackers try to penetrate the electronic library system to steal information, make money, or cause damage. In order to withstand cyber-attacks, the decision was made to use technologies based on artificial intelligence.

The chief information officer of the Vatican library, Manlio Miceli, has admitted that artificial intelligence protects from cyber-attacks more effectively than any human team, although he added that it also does not ensure a 100% defense from attacks.

Source: The Guardian

Evgeniy Saunin, 14 November 2020, 13:30

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