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The illegal sale of an ancient clock from the Quirinal Palace in Rome was foiled

Italian carbineers were able to find the disassembled ancient clock of Mariano Trevellini from the XIX century, send in an agent, and prevent the clock's illegal sale.

The Quirinal Palace
Foto: The Quirinal Palace in Rome
Source: Wikipedia

The stolen clock was commissioned by Pope Pius IX for manufacture by Mariano Trevellini and was installed in 1854 on the Quirinal tower in Rome. In December 1961, it stopped for several minutes and the decision was made to replace it with a more modern, electronically-controlled clock. The clock was taken down and sent to a warehouse.

In 2020, an expert who discovered the clock of Trevellini put up for sale appealed to the Italian police. An investigation revealed that the clock was stolen from a warehouse and is now located in Bologna with a restorer who restored the ancient mechanism of the clock. The owner of the clock's ancient dial from Milan was then found. The Florentine buyer wanted to buy everything together for 7000 euros.

The Italian officer who introduced himself as the buyer interested in the transaction was able to examine the clock at the seller's, come to the conclusion that this indeed was the clock of Mariano Trevellini, and thwart the transaction. Under the circumstances of a legal sale, the price of this clock could have been up to half a million euros.

Source: Corriere Della Sera

Evgeniy Saunin, 09 March 2021, 23:00

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